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Our Charity

Here at Mad Maids Cleaning our charity of choice is the World Food Program. We donate a portion of each home cleaning, essentially feeding a child every time we clean.

We believe the biggest problem in the modern world is hunger. It’s not something that you see around you often in our great country of Canada, but it’s still right there in our backyard. Many of the people the World Food Program Aids are right here in North America.

We think this problem can be solved, one small step at a time, if we all do our part. We focus our efforts on donating school meals to children. In poor areas children can often be pulled from school in order to help work for their familes. By having schools offer breakfast and lunch it helps the families burden. It can fight malnutrition and a lack of essential micronutrients that can curb development and the WFP often gives the children food to take home with them (such as bags of rice or beans) which gives further incentives to the families to keep their children in school. School feeding also benefits community development and local production, in particular when food is being sourced from poor, small-holding farmers.

How can you help?

You are already helping! Each time we clean your house for you we put away part of the proceeds towards the World Food Program, then make our donation at the end of every month. And of course if you’d like to do more, you can donate to the World Food Program directly.
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