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We make things easy with our flat rate base prices! Select the number of rooms in your home and you’re ready to go! Each cleaning includes one bathroom for free and you can add additional bathrooms or extras at booking here.

Please note: The way we price homes isn’t about cleaning the bedrooms themselves (as the bedrooms typically need minimal vacuuming/dusting etc), it’s because the number of rooms directly relates to the size of the homes kitchen and living areas. Any rooms such as offices, dens, and extra living rooms are to be added to the bedroom number.

We reserve the right to update the pricing for any home if we arrive and there are more rooms than indicated at the time of booking. In other words… please do not book a 1 bedroom service when you are living in a 5 bedroom home. If you do not need all the rooms in your home cleaned, you may select our hourly cleaning option!



Why Choose Us

  • Quick Easy Online Booking
  • Maid Teams For a Quick Cleaning
  • Simple Flat Rate Pricing
  • Fully Protected and Insured
  • We Bring All Our Own Supplies
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Types of Cleaning

Routine Cleaning: For those who have gotten their home professionally cleaned within the last 30 days.

Deep Cleaning: For those who want their home cleaned top to bottom. Strongly recommended for first time customers!

Move In/Move Out: For those who are moving in or out of an empty home and need to get their place ready for new tenants.

Discounts for Recurring Bookings

We highly value our customers and love to reward you with great discounts for using our services regularly!

10% off for monthly cleanings
15% off for biweekly cleanings
20% off for weekly cleanings

We also give you $25 off for any referral that results in a booking!
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